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DiningTek® Partners with Winning Reviews to Help Restaurants Survive and Thrive in the New Online Ordering and Social Media Reviews Reality.

Colorado — 03/31/2020

DiningTek is proud to announce partnering with Winning Reviews to help local restaurants survive and thrive in today’s new restaurant online ordering reality.

DiningTek and Winning Reviews partnership is a winning combination to help local restaurants impacted by the present crises!

Key points of DiningTek’s and Winning Reviews partnership

DiningTek’s Restaurant Takeout Online Ordering System allows you to take multiple pre-paid orders at once.

“Takeout ordering is here to stay and is growing fast. With social distancing, being able to
pay ahead online is necessary. DiningTek offers local restaurants a no-risk, viable way to get
restaurants started using Take-Out Ordering in as soon as 24-hours to grow your business
and keep your profit margins high.” – Jaspal Singh, CEO, DiningTek

This partnership will help restaurants stay in business through online ordering, gaining more customers, and winning 5-star reviews.

Winning Reviews helps you grow your 5-star reviews online, lets others know about your
great offerings, notifies you of all reviews and protects your reputation.” – Joe Mikitish, CEO,
Winning Reviews

Our mutual goal is to help restaurants survive and thrive, both today and tomorrow through this partnership. DiningTek provides affordable online take-out ordering. Winning Reviews protects the reputation and brand of
your restaurant.

Restaurant owners have worked hard to build their businesses, keep your business growing strong with DiningTek and Winning Reviews.


DiningTek®, a Colorado-based company, has helped local independent restaurants since 2018 by providing technology for takeout online ordering, personalized restaurant apps, and social media marketing.

Winning Reviews, an Idaho-based company, has helped local businesses since 2015 by providing services and software to manage your online reputation and grow your customer base.

For more information:

Jaspal Singh, CEO
Phone: (720) 648-4528

Winning Reviews
Phil Herrington
Phone:  208-5770891

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